Construction of Enterprise Culture:

Corporate core culture

1、Jindi Group - the leader in the bearing retainer industry

2、Throughout the years, we have adhered to the core values of “integrity, professionalism, entry, and harmony”. Jindi Group has won wide acclaim and trust from the government, investors, customers, suppliers, employees and society. The Jindi Group has been in steady development. The lofty value of the Jindi Group stems from the company's good operation and innovation.

Core values: integrity, company and employee professional construction, risk, persistence of the company's forward-looking, continuous innovation, harmony, development, tolerance and win-win situation.

Core concept:

Goal - to strengthen the company's workforce and grow with industry partners; mission - the pioneer of technological development, and strive to be a first-class bearing retainer enterprise


Management: stable operation; pursuing excellence; achieving coordinated and stable growth in profit, quality and scale

Employees: one person oriented, standard, efficient

Products: production of high-tech, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, convenient and fast green products

Quality: Continuous improvement of quality

Market: Service-based, strategic positioning and win-win market positioning

Service: Customer first, quick response

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